Solution: AD File Sharing

FullArmorHAPI Active Directory, API, SSO

HAPITM provides users the ability to easily share out their internal files/file shares to anyone on the internet. The resulting links are still managed via Active Directory security and HAPITM maintains all auditing of files and eventual timeouts/expiration of each shared link. This gives all of the benefits of keeping the original sensitive files on premise while securely allowing access …

Solution: SQL Server

FullArmorHAPI Active Directory, API

HAPITM APIs provide direct access from any mobile or cloud application to on-premise SQL Server databases. The APIs give direct access to customer queries and stored procedures and allows data to be returned as structured JSON or XML format to be consumed by any cloud or mobile application. Please email us using the form below for more information on this solution.

Solution: Cognos

FullArmorHAPI Active Directory, SaaS

The HAPITM Cognos integration allows utilization of the HAPITM Active Directory SSO from within the Cognos system allowing the web based interface to directly authenticate with on-premise Active Directory domain controllers. As a result, VPN and external domain controllers are no longer necessary. Please email us using the form below for more information on this solution.

Solution: Remote Directory Management

FullArmorHAPI Active Directory

  HAPITM APIs enable IT and System Integrators to remotely control, manage, and audit Active Directory resources and attributes from any cloud based service, device or application. HAPITM provides the APIs to synchronize and/or remotely query and update all aspects of Active Directory including files, groups, users, etc. For example, HAPITM can enable scenarios where a browser based application can …