Solution: HTML5 (Angular JS)

HAPIadminer API, Device

  HAPITM provides an SDK for jumpstarting development projects using Angular JS to be able to fully utilize all of the HAPITM APIs. Follow the link below to download the HTML5 (Angular JS) SDK: Please email us using the form below for more information on this solution. [contact-form-7 id=”343″ title=”Contact form 1″]

Solution: ChromeBook

HAPIadminer API, Device

  The HAPITM ChromeBook extension provides integrated access to any internal file shares or personal computer file systems from any ChromeBook device without the need for VPN or any additional hardware or software. The extension can be downloaded from the ChromeBook online store and utilizes secure single sign on technology to provide seamless access to on-premise or remote files. The …

Solution: iOS

HAPIadminer API, Device

HAPITM fully supports iOS devices. Through the HAPI iOS SDK, any developer can call the HAPITM APIs to authenticate with Active Directory, access, browse, and manage on-premise files directly from the iOS device. With the full source code, developers can easily extend the functionality or embed the hybrid apis directly into their existing mobile applications. Please email us using the …

Solution: AD File Sharing

FullArmorHAPI Active Directory, API, SSO

HAPITM provides users the ability to easily share out their internal files/file shares to anyone on the internet. The resulting links are still managed via Active Directory security and HAPITM maintains all auditing of files and eventual timeouts/expiration of each shared link. This gives all of the benefits of keeping the original sensitive files on premise while securely allowing access …

Solution: OneDrive for Business

FullArmorHAPI API, SaaS

The HAPITM OneDrive for Business¬†integration provides the following features through direct callable APIs: Active Directory Single Sign On File Browsing and Viewing File Management including file copy, migrate and synchronize Administration of a user’s OneDrive for Business¬†account Combined with HAPITM native support for internal files, file shares, SharePoint, databases, and resources, this gives the best combination of cloud to on-premise …