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In Zero Trust, all network traffic is untrusted. Thus, security professionals must verify and secure all resources, limit and strictly enforce access control, and inspect and log all network traffic.
John Kindervag, “No More Chewy Centers: Introducing The Zero Trust Model Of Information Security,” Sept. 17, 2010

In order to protect your data you need to reduce or completely remove the attack surface, manage user access rights, reduce the point of ingress and egress into critical systems, reduce lateral movement, monitor and record user activity, archive records of what users are doing and terminate remote access when aberrant behavior is identified.
Are you confident your resources aren’t or won’t be compromised?
Do you know if your user credentials are included in the millions already stolen?
Are your SSH keys being shared, stolen or already compromised?
Are you sure your critical systems and data are safe?
Are you prepared to prove the who, what, where and when to auditors?

Zero Trust means just that.



You must assume your network has been or will be compromised. Whether it's from an internal or external threat, your data is at risk. That is the basis of Zero Trust.

  • Remove Attack Surfaces
  • Validate Users & Devices
  • Limit Access & Prevent Lateral Movement
  • Monitor & Analyze Behavior
  • Record All Activity
  • Archive & Review Recordings
  • Know Who, What, When
FullArmor SSHepherd™ can help you achieve all of these Zero Trust tenants.

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Harden your IT security posture and strengthen your defense in depth by removing two of the most common attack surfaces today.