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    FullArmor Corporation is a leading edge cloud services development firm. Our cloud based solutions range from a SaaS marketplace to traditional IT management. More than 5 million users and 1,500 organizations worldwide rely on technology developed by FullArmor.

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    Richard Farrell


    About Richard Farrell

    As president of FullArmor Corporation, Richard is responsible for driving the company’s direction and business strategy. With a background that includes taking various software products from concept to distribution and direct sales channels, Richard sets the company’s goals and empowers the FullArmor team to achieve them. He started the company as a student at Cornell University, where he earned his B.S. in marketing. Since 1990, he has facilitated the growth of the company to a profitable organization, pioneering tools to reduce the cost of Windows computing.

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    Bob Almond


    About Bob Almond

    As chief operating officer of FullArmor Corporation, Bob is responsible for corporate development, finance, legal, and operations. Bob has overseen the sale of 8 company assets and managed the relationships with the acquiring partner companies.  Bob is a member of FullArmor Corporation’s Board of Directors & Board of Advisors. Bob received his JD from Suffolk University School of Law 2002 and a BA in Politics, Saint Anselm College 1991.

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    Danny Kim


    About Danny Kim

    Danny Kim is one of the founders and CTO of FullArmor Corp.   Danny Kim is a Microsoft MVP (2006 to Current) and recognized industry expert on Cloud Security, Windows Azure, Active Directory, and PowerShell.  Kim has helped more than 30 Fortune 100 companies design and deploy their Active Directory and Cloud based infrastructures.  He has also architected and developed several leading security and virtualization products for Microsoft, Citrix, HP, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and others.  Danny’s current passion is working with disruptive technologies around virtualization and cloud based computing.  Kim holds a BS in Computer Science from Cornell University.

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