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AD Bridge

next generation
active directory

Extend your Active Directory controls beyond the domain to secure Linux, Mac, and non-domain-joined Windows

AD Bridge console
leverage your existing
active directory infrastructure
AD Bridge Sphere of Control

Extends Native Group Policy Snap-in

Utilizes the same identity management for access to Windows, Linux, Mac, and non-domain-joined Windows.

Familiar AD User Controls

No painful learning curve. Secure all your network resources using the same familiar tools.

True, Native AD Join

True, native AD join of your Linux/Unix, MacOS, and non-domain-joined Windows resources

Benefits of AD Bridge

Authentication. Authorization. Policies.

Improve Server Management & Keep Out the Bad Actors

Configure, apply, enforce, and audit critical settings. Turn your manual, fragmented configuration processes and scripts into a unified security strategy.

Reduce Costs by Streamlining Tools & Processes

Leverage existing toolsets for securing Linux, Mac, and Windows systems, and centrally manage all users and devices.

Audit & Maintain Compliance

Extensive audit logs for alerting into your SIEM, and utilize the same toolset for compliance reporting across all devices.

Improve User Management

Eliminates the need to replicate users (prevents drift). Users will login to resources using Active Directory credentials.

Provides Real-Time Persistence & Enforcement

Applies, enforces and persists security settings that hackers attempt to spoof (firewall, sudoers, SSH, etc.).

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