Remove the Attack Surface

In order to protect your cyber assets inside and outside the perimeter, you need to reduce or completely remove the attack surface, manage user access rights, reduce the point of ingress and egress into critical systems, reduce lateral movement, monitor and record user activity, archive records of what users are doing and terminate remote access when aberrant behavior is identified.

Layered and Complementary Security Practices are Key to Securing Your Network

VPNs and Firewalls are a necessary piece of your perimeter security but this is not enough. Protecting your resources inside the perimeter is a vital piece of your defense.

Preventing unauthorized access to your critical systems, auditing activity during remote access sessions, mitigating risk of data loss, and good cyber hygiene are key to most security compliance guidelines like NIST, CIS, CERT and all others.

Are your assets actively listening for inbound connections?

Are you certain you know who has access to SSH and RDP on your systems?

Do you know if your user credentials are included in the millions already stolen?

Are your SSH keys already compromised?

Have you checked your logs for unauthorized access attempts?

Are you prepared to prove the Who, What, Where and When to auditors?

FullArmor SSHepherd™ enables you to remove the SSH and RDP attack surface

The Gartner Hype Cycle for Network Security July 14th 2021 report defines Cyber Asset Attack Surface Management (CAASM) as "an emerging technology focused on enabling security teams to solve persistent asset visibility and vulnerability challenges.“

A critical component of CAASM and EASM (External Attack Surface Management) vulnerability management is the complete removal of the SSH and RDP attack surface while maintaining full SSH and RDP capabilities.

Completely Disable SSH

Close All RDP Listening Ports

Block All Inbound SSH & RDP Traffic

Eliminate SSH & RDP From Port Scans

Remove Threat Of SSH Key Sprawl

Prevent Lateral Movement

End SSH & RDP Brute Force Attacks

Maintain FULL SSH & RDP Capabilities

SSHepherd Full SSH Access No Open Ports