Multiple Policy Tools

Multiple Policy Tools Increase Security Risk

  • Too many silos of policies to manage
  • Policies conflict and collide
  • Too difficult to audit and ensure compliance with regulatory mandates across policy silos (PCI, HIPAA, etc.)
  • New policies and apps are being introduced daily

Hybrid Infrastructure Creates Management Challenges

  • Different management infrastructures for Mobile, PCs, Linux, etc.
  • How to keep On-Premise and Cloud in sync
  • How to leverage existing on-premise infrastructure while at the same time, moving to the cloud
Hybrid Infrastructure






FullArmor's Modern Management Solutions

AD Bridging

Allows you to better leverage your existing Active Directory infrastructure by extending it’s perimeter to manage Linux, SaaS, and other non-traditional devices.

Unified Policy

Provides a centralized web console for unifying management of all policy and security settings.

HAPI Platform

Provides a hybrid API framework that can be integrated into existing products to better synchronize and migrate between on-premise and cloud environments.