FullArmor SSHepherd

Completely "REMOVE" the attack surface of SSH, RDP and Applications.
“How”, you ask? With SSHepherd, all open listening ports that are normally subject to brute force attacks, stolen credentials and key abuse are completely closed.
And no, SSHepherd isn’t opening another listening port and simply hiding these services behind a new open port and service. So yes, you can completely remove the attack surface with SSHepherd.
  • No more key sprawl abuse!
  • No more stolen credential exploits against your critical servers listening for inbound connections!
Simply put, the biggest hacks of the last decade have been behind the corporate firewall. Hundreds of millions of records have been stolen due to SSH and RDP exploits using stolen SSH Keys, stolen credentials and Brute Force Attacks.
SSHepherd could have prevented this from happening. That was our motivation.
Trust us when we say, you are not the first person to think this is all just marketing and messaging. But SSHepherd is real and we can show you.
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