Remote Access Auditing & Live View
Remote environments have always been a desired target for attackers to conduct a cyber-attack, and COVID-19 has increased that attack surface.
- Curtis Dukes, CIS Executive VP & GM
SSHepherd™ provides you the remote access session auditing required to comply with security requirements.

Completely Remove All Other Points Of Ingress and use SSHepherd for a fully managed RDP and SSH experience

Prevent Users From Tampering With Session Recordings With Multiple Layers Of Security Controls

Have Remote And Local Kill Switches To Terminate Sessions When Aberrant Behavior Is Detected

Archive All Session Recordings For Historical Review

Integrate With Your SIEM For Notifications And Kill Switch Automation

Live View Session Recordings

SSHepherd by FullArmor Killswitch Closeup

“Kill Switches” to stop unauthorized actions

Built-in “Kill Switches” for termination of managed sessions. The sessions can be terminated during Live View, and through SIEM integration via automation when aberrant behavior is detected and if a user attempts to tamper with the SSHepherd processes and services.

Full Visibility into Remote Access Sessions

Records the managed RDP and SSH sessions live and streams them to a remote location to prevent removal of audit trails. These recordings provide both a live view of user activity as well as an archive of past sessions for review and assessment by security administrators and auditors.
SSHepherd by FullArmor Sessions View

Know who has accessed SSH and RDP

Monitoring activity on your systems is a key component of security compliance and audit. Whether that activity is initiated by outside ‘bad actors’ or trusted internal users, knowing what occurs during a connected session is vital to determining whether a breach has occurred and the scope of its impact.

Comprehensive auditing of remote access sessions

Be prepared to prove the who, what, where and when to auditors. Comprehensive auditing of remote access sessions is a key component of any regulatory compliance guidelines like CIS, NIST, CERT and others.